Thursday, June 12, 2008

SES Rides Again

Back in 1990 CGI bought the company I was working for (Yourdon) and after about one year laid me off with some of the other company leadership. My wife and I decided to stay in Cary NC so I hung out my shingle as an independent consultant and called my company Software Engineering Strategies. I helped clients with methodology decisions, and worked on a number of emerging technologies such as object orientation. Eventually this led me to a job at IBM in 1994.
Well, now I am back in a similar situation having left IBM a few months back and have resurected the old SES name and even updated the old business cards.

So what has changed?
1. At IBM I became a subject matter expert on wireless technologies.
2. The Software Engineering process is changing to a more agile process with teams distributed around the globe.
3. The internet (specifically) Web2.0 is changing the way we interact as people.

I would like to explore how these three topics can potentially converge into a next generation software development process/tool.

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